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Our portfolio = your applications
From laboratory equipment to consumables, high quality instruments and accessories – our product spectrum covers (almost) all aspects of your market requirements.
You will benefit from our range of more than 350,000 products, offering you a nearly unlimited selection. Our portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum covering a diverse field of applications. Many products are used in nearly all laboratories whereas others are highly specialized and more restricted in application.
We can support you with rapid delivery of the most frequently required laboratory consumables and smaller equipment items direct from our warehouse. As we stock tens of thousands of items your requirements can usually be fulfilled with very short delivery times.
Despite the vast array of products, all products have one factor in common: we only select high quality and excellent cost/benefit relationship manufacturers.
For you, this means, that whichever item you select, you have made the right decision.
Online shop
In our Online Shop you will find current (discounted) prices, photos, quantities in stock, as well as comprehensive search functions and much more.

You will find this a valuable tool in selecting the optimal products for your customers.
  • Would you like to enable your purchasing-department and/or sales-team to have access to product-information 24/7?
  • Would you find an Internet Shop of interest where you can access all articles easily and detailed information to your customers?
  • Would you like to have information such as custom tariff codes, country of origin, weight, product-brochures etc. easily accessable?
  • Would you like to search for products not only in English language, but as well in French, Spanish and Russian?
As our business partner, we can provide you with these information.
It‘s all possible – just contact us!
Laboratory Catalogue

Our Laboratory Catalogue runs from routine laboratory consumables needed on a daily basis through to specialized equipment.
This well-structured reference book helps you and your customers find the right item from safety and personal protective equipment (PPE), through small utensils to major equipment, and to specialty instruments for use in the life sciences, foodstuffs or environmental fields.
It’s all in it.
The catalogue is available in several languages including English, French, Spanish and Russian in digital formats!
The laboratory catalogue encompasses more than 1.500 pages and includes about 35,000 items.